Well hello there! I’ve got over 15 years experience designing, developing, and implementing solutions. I have a passion for continuous learning and proposing new ideas and methods of making things work. But what fun is it to just propose them and not do them myself?

I figured my best approach for this was to learn a little bit about a lot of stuff, and that’s exactly where I have been able to get to. Fortunately, life seems to like me, as it has allowed me to work in several diverse areas in business holding various roles. My expertise allows me to offer a precisely fantastic fusion of abilities and skill sets to the table. So if you need creative, innovative, efficient and aesthetically gratifying solution, I should have a conversation.

At the moment: I’m in Business Strategy with a great company in Nashville, TN.
Previous life: I’ve worked in in several industries wearing multiple hats that include performance analysis, solutions architecture, business strategy & analysis, project & portfolio management, and operational business management.

My Mindset

Anything can be resolved if you are patient enough to determine a solution. While the solution defined might not be ideal, you must think in both short term tactical and long term strategic concepts regardless of the challenge. With this approach, you can establish an immediate solution that will give you time to define and implement something fabulous.

Spare Time

Learning: Networking
Developing: 3 websites
Working as: Full-Time Employee
Available for work: Limited Consulting (non-competing industries only)
Wanting: to develop an opensource project

Language Skills

(x)HTML 80%
CSS 75%
jQuery 40%
PHP 50%
SQL 70%
XML 35%
.NET 30%
Visual Basic 55%
VBA 60%
ASP 40%

Framework Skills

SharePoint 2003 70%
SharePoint 2007 75%
SharePoint 2010 80%
SharePoint 2013 80%
Office 365 50%
Google Sites 50%
WordPress 75%
Concrete5 65%
Joomla 40%

Application Skills

Microsoft Office 2003 90%
Microsoft Office 2007 90%
Microsoft Office 2010 85%
Microsoft Office 2013 70%
SharePoint Designer 65%
Visual Studio 45%
Dreamweaver 75%
SQL Developer 70%
Acrobat Pro 65%

Contacting Me

Feel free to reach out to me using my contact form for any comment or question you might have.