I’m going to keep this article short since it is sort of old news for some, but wanted to put this out there because I got overly excited about my newest discovery today: Google Apps Script. I know, it’s been out there for about a year or so, but honestly I had never found a need to even search for it’s existence because of the tools I had in my toolbox. Now that I’ve been working more with Google Sites and understanding more about what you can and can’t do with it, I got a sneaky feeling that Google Apps Script will certainly help me overcome some of my frustration I have been having with Google Sites.

What is Google Apps Script?

So if you are unfamiliar with what Google Apps Script is, don’t feel alone, I only discovered it a couple hours before writing this article. In short though, “Google Apps Script is a JavaScript cloud scripting language that provides easy ways to automate tasks across Google products and third party services.” – Google

What this means is that Google has provided a way for you to create script based solutions to integrate with their products (Google Sites, Docs, Drive, Mail, Calendar, etc.). One of the largest benefits I can see with this is being able to integrate other applications or services with Google Products. “Why would you want to even do such a thing” you ask? Well, I guess it all depends on your environment, but let’s pretend that you are using Google Sites for an Intranet and you have a need to integrate your new found intranet with some internal applications at your workplace. I think that serves plenty of purpose right there to go figure out how to use this service.

So while I don’t have a solution written up for this yet, rest assured that I will put it out here just as soon as I get one coded up. If I had to imagine I will very likely be having something pretty soon, so stay tuned…