I’ve done many searches trying to find the best personal budget template for Microsoft Excel. After so much time spent and nothing really fitting what I was needing, I just decided to create one myself. This personal budget template for Excel doesn’t just act as a budgeting template for personal finances, but also helps you manage against what your actual is.

For those just looking for the download of the template, look below for the link. If you are curious as to some of the features and what all it does, please, keep on reading!

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Use this excel template to manage your personal budget. ...

Personal Budget Template for Microsoft Excel

Managing your personal budget to your actual is a crucial element in managing your finances, and while several templates I found offered that on a monthly basis, none of the ones I found compared for an annual look. Sure, I guess you could copy the template sheets over month to month, but who wants to flip back and forth between excel sheets to look at your personal finances?

This solution gives visibility over a 12 month period, looking at both what my budget is, where I am at in tracking to my budget, and what my actual is. This allows me to manage when I want to book a vacation in the summer, and how I need to save money for the next 10 months to achieve my goals. In addition, sometimes managing through those tough times where you are ever in a situation where you are floating or robbing Peter to pay Paul. While everybody will strongly suggest that you shouldn’t do those things (which you shouldn’t), there are times where you don’t have many options.

Enough with the mumbo-jumbo, what’s it do?

OK, so enough about the purpose of what a personal budget template can be used for, now lets get to the good stuff. The feature list!

v1.1 Change Log
  • Minor bug fixes & enhancements
v1.0 Feature List
  • Dynamic Calculations for Date Spans
  • Budgeting/Actual line items
  • Dynamic Account Register
  • Budget vs Actual Spending
  • Forecast Spending & Impact
  • Monthly Roll-Over (30 Days+/-)
  • Planning / Scheduling
So if you are unsure still about whether or not you should try this template out, just remember, it’s FREE! Try it out, if you don’t like it, just delete it. Of course, I’d urge you before just deleting it to let me know on the thread below on how to improve it. I’ve tried to make this as user friendly as possible, but I’m certain it can be improved upon. So if you have ideas, post them, and I’ll work on getting your requests added to newer versions. Enjoy!