Ok folks, you asked, I listened. Here is the latest addition to my Excel Gantt Chart, with the exception of it being a major reload. Some of the key things I wanted to address in my previous excel gantt chart that just simply weren’t possible were the following:

  • Ability to change the color of bars in the chart
  • Easily add or remove lines to the project plan / gantt chart
  • Add labels of tasks to bars in the gantt chart
  • Ability to scale the timeline to projects lasting only a few days, to multiple years
  • Dynamically size the chart and appearance so that it fits on the printing page

Dynamic Excel Gantt Chart Template

Ok, ok…To save a bit of time and to reduce some of the questions out there, here are some of the things I want to immediately call out in how they work.
Availability: Tested in Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013
Features: Create Project Timelines, Milestones, Task Health Indicators with room for over 100 tasks. Also available in daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly Views!
Functionality: Much different than my previous excel gantt chart, this one is formula and macro free! Chart dynamics built off of Microsoft Excel functionality.

Dynamic Excel Gantt Chart 30.36 KB 22099 downloads

This Excel Gantt Chart offers more dynamics to sizing and scaling. ...

Why the new article?

Yea, so while I addressed several items in this new release of my Excel Gantt Chart, I couldn’t move everything over from my existing template. For example, that infamous red line that displays on my previous chart representing the current day in the plan. Well, I couldn’t get that (yet) to display properly against the gantt chart. While this is an example, rest assured this is probably the largest items that I wasn’t able to migrate.

So why am I keeping my old chart active, and not just replacing that chart with this one? Well, I kind of thought you would ask that, so here is the thought behind it. In short, I moved over to a chart as opposed to a series of formulas that make up the gantt. In a chart, I have far more limitations in it as I am bound to what the limits of the chart are. For instance, having the ability to draw dependency lines (which I am working on in my other gantt chart) is something that just can’t happen in a chart. With some calculated cells though, I can certainly achieve this effect.

Updating the width of the Gantt Chart

To update the width of the gantt chart, simply expand the cell and the chart will stretch to cover the cell. Likewise, reduce the size of the cell and watch it shrink. Adjust as necessary to meet the needs of your project.
Scale Chart Size

Updating the scale of the timeline

The timeline is just as easy. In my example, I set static dates in the axis to create the timeline. You can either set these to auto and let them adjust dynamically, or adjust to your exact needs by setting the minimum and maximum bounds.
Scale Chart Size

So there you have it!

Just like ALL of my other templates, this one is no exception. If any questions please feel free to ask below in the comments thread. Ideas? Same thing, submit them through the comments. And as always, this Excel Gantt Chart Template is completely FREE!