Like all good Project Managers, we have to keep track of all those sticky issues we run in to during a project. An Issue Tracking & Management tool is exactly what you need! Hopefully you have been keeping track of issues on another excel template, maybe one you created? For those who haven’t shame on you! Now, you can recover from this and download my working copy of an Issue Tracking & Management Excel Template for free to keep track of all your project issues.

Issue Tracking & Management Excel Template

Availability: Tested in Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013
Features: Keep track of all your issues for your project by status, criticality, health, and much more!
Functionality: The portfolio table is made of Excel tables, recent additions to Excel as of 2007.

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Use this template to keep track of all your issues encountered during a project. ...

About the Template

This template is designed to keep track of issues for both accountability and analysis. From an accountability standpoint, issue trackers have been in place for some time as it relates to Project Management. The ability to keep track of issues is crucial, but most often times people forget to look at the big picture. Ok, maybe that is broad because most project managers I know will keep track of open/closed issues. But what about tracking progress actively on issues? This is where the management portion comes in.

This excel template will not only allow you to keep track of open issues, but will also allow you to view the open vs. closed rates as it relates to tracking. The chart is dynamic in that it will update and size accordingly based on your time span. It will span a max of four months at a time, and will arrange the content to allow you to see progress on all issues identified.