Managing resources and their availability to your project are a necessity, especially if you want to even have a shot of your project completing on time. Creating a visual representation of their planned work vs. their available time can be done several different ways, but the method of using a step chart seems to fit perfectly in my opinion.

Looking out to the future of your project, you can quickly identify any gaps or over subscriptions in a particular area of your managed resources. Needless to say, this little tool comes in handy for just such an occasion.

Resource & Capacity Step Chart for Excel

Availability: Tested in Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013
Features: Quickly display your resource availability and capacity of a project.
Functionality: Through use of a static data grid, and fancy data manipulation, the step chart will create a ‘step’ line above your column chart to represent a benchmark for that column.

Resource Capacity Step Chart 27.17 KB 21228 downloads

Use this template to visualize availability of project resources. ...

About This Template

This template can help in several scenarios, not just in resource capacity/utilization. For instance, I can see several other uses in which you can use a step chart. For instance, any benchmark or planning scenario can also utilize a tool like this.

Feel free to drop me a comment below on any other ways you have used this template in another setting and as always, I’m always up for ways to improve this template so comments and suggestions are always welcome. Lastly, this template is absolutely FREE, as all of my templates are.