There are a bunch of ways you can add custom links to the SharePoint Suite Bar. For those that don’t know, this is the nifty little menu bar that Microsoft added to SharePoint sites at the very top of the site. I do have some opinion about the suite bar, which I will probably rant about in a later post, but for the most part I like it…and since it is there, I wan’t it to do what I want it to do!

Now Microsoft doesn’t give an easy way of updating the links in the suite bar (maybe they will catch on and put it out in a future release!) but this little JavaScript snippet below will allow you to put whatever links up there you want. Best of all, you can load this through a script editor web part, or if you really want you can apply it through SharePoint designer if you are applying this to an entire site or collection. To note, the SharePoint Designer method is preferred since you can apply it via a master page and load that bad boy globally!

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Use this snippet to add custom links to SharePoint Suite Bar. ...

Add Custom Suite Bar Links in SharePoint

Ok, so enough of the rambling. If you want to update the links is the SharePoint suite bar, download the full code from the link above or if familiar with jQuery then just use the snippet below. If you want to add more links, just copy lines 8-10 and repeat.