SharePoint 2013 Document Library Breadcrumbs

So if you have noticed the way SharePoint 2013 generates breadcrumbs in the title area, you will probably get just as frustrated as I did…You mean, it will only show two levels deep!?!?! Well, on a positive side those two levels are the current level and the next level up, but what if you wanted to show more than two?

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This nifty script will auto-magically create a breadcrumb style navigation for your document library in SharePoint, and generate a dynamic link to each sub-location. No more getting lost in levels within a SharePoint Document Library!

SharePoint Folder Breadcrumbs 3.50 KB 2894 downloads

Use this template to add breadcrumbs to your document library in SharePoint. ...

How to Implement SharePoint Document Library Breadcrumbs

As noted, it is super simple to implement this breadcrumb navigation into any SharePoint Document Library. Even better, you can install this straight through the UI without the need to even crack open SharePoint Designer!

Just follow the below steps and you will get these sticky headers implemented to your SharePoint site in no time!

  • Step 1 – Go to the library where you want to add breadcrumb navigation
  • Step 2 – From the landing page of the library, place the page in edit mode
  • Step 3 – Add a script editor web part to the page, and paste the markup into the editor
  • Step 4 – Save and close the page, and voila!
Optional: If you want to modify the styling or the title displayed at the front of the breadcrumb, find the markup below within the file and modify it to your liking. This does require basic HTML/JavaScrip knowledge if you want to tinker with it…

And there you go! Told you this thing was easy to implement…Now go out there and add this breadcrumb navigation to your SharePoint Document Libraries so people can know where they are!