Have you ever noticed when you come across a link on a Google search that some of them contain a picture of the author? Ever wonder how they do that? Well, that is called Google Authorship and is a very popular way to show who the author of the content is. Here is an example of what mine looks like.
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So how do they add this ‘Google Authorship’ to their pages and make it show their picture in the search results? Well, I thought you would never ask. The process really isn’t that complicated, but you have to be patient. I can tell you from personal experience that it doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it happen over a couple of nights. It took mine about two weeks before it started showing up in search results, but now it’s there and is there to stay.

How to Add Google Authorship to Web Page

Now like I said, Google Authorship is pretty easy to add, and I’ve listed out the steps below that are needed in order to add this to your site.
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[/bullet_list]So now that you got these things identified, here is how you go about getting them all added to your website.

Verifying Your Domain Email Address at Goolge Authorship

We will start with the easy one first. There really isn’t a particular order in which you do these, just for full disclosure, but from just a personal note I like doing the easy stuff out the gate. Ok, now that I’m done blabbering here is what you do. Go to THIS LINK and add your email address from YOUR DOMAIN and click the ‘Signup for Authorship’ button. Now, lets move on to the next.

Linking your Google+ Profile to Your Content

If memory serves, after you complete the first step of verifying your domain email address it will spit you out over to your profile to link to your content. But, just in case it doesn’t you will need to do this manually. No worries, it is very easy. Simply go to your Google+ profile and go to your ‘about’ section on your page. You know, the place where you update your stuff ABOUT you…get it?

Anyhow, scroll down to the links section of your about page and find the ‘Contributor To’ section on this portion of the page. Next up, click edit and then add a custom link. IMPORTANT: Make sure this setting is Public. If not, your authorship will not work.
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Linking your Content to Your Google+ Profile

Linking your content is where I got a little loopy when trying to get my authorship to verify in the structured data testing tools. In order to get it to validate with Google, there were several things I needed to add to my content. First off, I added the rel="author" link to my Google+ profile showing me as the author, in addition to adding the rel="publisher" to my Google+ profile showing I was the publisher. Next up, I needed to add the url, fn, and n snippets to my author link on my domain. In addition, adding the rel tag to the link. Whew, this was a bunch but not done yet. Even after adding all of this I still needed to add spans to tell Google when I added the content, and when the last time I updated it was.

Verify and Test Your Google Authorship Markup

Now, last but not least you need to test everything you have added. This ‘step’ isn’t really anything that you have to do in order for your Google Authorship to work. In fact, if you do it all correctly then you don’t need to do test this. However, unless your are extremely lucky (or my article is just that good), then you will likely miss something along the way. After all, that is why Google offers this nifty little tool. The Structured Data Testing Tool from Google. USE IT!!!

Then after you have tested all your markup you should get a preview and a statement at the top of the page saying that your Google Authorship has been applied correctly. REMEMBER, this doesn’t mean that it will work immediately in Google search results. Like I said, give it some time. If you get validated from this tool, then it WILL show up. Just be patient.
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