A Project Charter is another one of those critical documents for a project. I know, there are lots of important documents in a project, but a Project Charter is what actually authorizes the work. It typically goes hand in hand with Scope of Work, and the Project Charter should be what the Project Manager is asking for (a signed copy of course) before they get to working on the project. Ever been burnt trying to get started on a project, only to find out you have no resources, money, etc.? Well, the Project Charter helps ensure those things are clear…

There are many different flavors of a Project Charter, some right, some wrong, but this is the one I like to stick to. Very simply, and straight forward project authorization. So, here is a brief overview of various items this document covers.

  • Document Purpose – For those curious what the document is there for.
  • Revision History – In case you have a bunch of drafts.
  • Introduction / Background – A brief introduction to the project and what it is doing.
  • Project Scope Summary – Your project scope statement.
  • Key Project Deliverables – Outlining the key deliverable items of the project.
  • Key Project Milestones – Outline of milestone dates for the project.
  • Project Management – Defines the authority the project manager has.
  • Budget & Resources – Predetermined budgetary and resource information.
  • Project Authorization / Signature Blocks – Making the project official.

Project Charter Template for Microsoft Word – Download Now!

Just like always, here is a FREE working copy of the Project Charter Template…Enjoy!

Availability: Tested in Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013
Features: Table of Contents, Revision History, Company Logo, Signature Blocks
Functionality: Just a clean, straight forward word document containing various sections relevant to a Project Charter.

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Use this Microsoft Word Template to generate a Project Charter. ...