There are endless possibilities when it comes to providing a Project Status Report Summary, and I’m pretty sure I’ve created at least a one hundred different flavors of them. That said, I’ve settled down on this Project Status Report as one of my favorites because it is pretty straight forward.

We all have had those bosses that want you to give them the elevator speech for a project update, and if you are like me mind mind explodes when trying to “skinny down” an update. This Project Status Report Template focuses on the big blocks, and lets you fit it on a single page that you can drop off to your sponsors, stakeholders, and your boss.

Here is a brief overview of various items this document covers.

  • Executive Summary – The meat and potatoes of the project, the 10 second spill.
  • Key Milestone Tracking – Area focused to show status of key milestones within the project.
  • Steering Decisions – Items that require decision or steering of some nature from your sponsors or stakeholders.
  • Progress from Last Week – Area to identify major accomplishments over the past week.
  • Progress planned for this week – Area to identify major accomplishments you plan on finishing this week.

Project Status Report Summary Template for Microsoft Word – Download Now!

Just like always, here is a FREE working copy of the Project Status Report Summary Template…Enjoy!

Availability: Tested in Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013
Features: Executive Summary, Milestone Tracking, Steering Escalation, Progress Tracking, Company Logo
Functionality: Just a clean, straight forward word document containing various sections relevant to a Project Status Report Summary.

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