A Scope of Work template (SOW) is probably my favorite document when it comes to managing a project. A Scope of Work will is a critical piece to a project for a number of reasons, but most importantly it’s the document that says what it is the Project Manager is supposed to deliver. Personally, I love a Scope of Work because it is the document that will release me from a project. I could go into a long dissertation explaining the ins/outs of what a SOW is and why you should absolutely use one for your project, but I’ll save it for another day…

For now, here is a brief overview of various items this Scope of Work covers.

  • Document Purpose – For those curious what the document is there for.
  • Revision History – Just go ahead and prepare for this document to change multiple times.
  • Introduction / Background – A brief introduction to the project and what it is doing.
  • Scope of Work / Statement – The mean and potatoes, the area that lines out what it is the project is supposed to deliver.
  • Period of Performance – Outlining when this project is supposed to take place.
  • Key Project Activities – An area to define some of the larger objectives of the project.
  • Milestones – Outline of milestone dates within the project.
  • Approach & Resource Plan – To define how you are going about your project, and what resources will be required to complete it.
  • Acceptance Criteria / Signature Blocks – Criteria needed to accept the project as complete.

Scope Of Work Template for Microsoft Word – Download Now!

Just like always, here is a working copy of the Scope of Work…Absolutely Free!

Availability: Tested in Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013
Features: Table of Contents, Revision History, Company Logo, Signature Blocks
Functionality: Just a clean, straight forward word document containing various sections relevant to a Scope of Work.

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Use this template to generate a Scope of Work (SOW) for your project. ...